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The management  of  REFAROM SA  establishes the following declared policy ,concerning  products’ and services’ quality,with the purpose of satisfying customers’ requests in conditions of economic efficiency for the company.

The company’s management  considers quality of the offered products and services , as an element of major importance for development. Satisfying of customers’ requests is achieved, through complete understanding  of  exigencies,and a continuos effort of  improving quality level of the offered processes,products and services.The products manufactured by REFAROM SA are the following :

Shaped silica – alumina refractory products

Refractory Monolithics

The general manager  declares that the products and services of  REFAROM SA  are achieved in a system of quality management based on standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008.

The company  will be concerned, in satisfying customers’ requests, through supplying competitive products and services which are fulfilling customers’ exigencies,these being completed by post sales service.

REFAROM’smanagement  of quality represents  a type of  concentrated management, focused on products’,services’, and processes’ quality, based on employees’ wholly involvement in accomplishing their own tasks, and foretells long term succes, through satisfying domestic customers and customers from abroad,and creating advantages  for the company,partners and society.

Quality is the most important task of the company ;

Orientation towards customers ;

Employees’ motivation for quality;

Applying the best management, marketing-sales practices;

Developing  strategic partnerships ;

Developing leader capacities at subdivisions’ managers

Systematic vision upon optimal functioning of the company

„Zero Failures”at process level and continuos improvement  

Establishing,monitoring and achieving quality objetives

This policy represents the mangement’s commitment to employees,partners and society.

The policy in the field of quality is applied, to all the processes of the company,and the provisions of QMS(Quality Management System) are binding in the activity of all employees.


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